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Take a load off.

With the Nutri Mums meal programme, new mothers and mothers-to-be can ensure they are consuming a balanced meal that contributes to their overall mental and physical wellbeing as well as the baby’s growth and development. What you eat and drink is the main source of nourishment so make every meal count. While you are pregnant, you will require additional essential nutrients to share with your growing baby. Our expert nutritionist will create a personalised meal plan that will meet such requirements and we will deliver it to your home, making meals easier and more convenient. 

As every new mother knows, life with a newborn is exciting but exhausting. There’s barely time to get some rest, shower, let alone prepare a nutritious meal. While your focus is your child, it’s important to take care of yourself too. By choosing foods, you will feel energised and prepared for the long days (and nights!) ahead.

With Nutri Mums, you can enjoy a nutritious, balanced diet, which will replenish the necessary nutrients and give you more energy while freeing up time spent in the kitchen.