Nutri Kids

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Nutri Kids

Teaching our young ones good eating habits  right from the start.

It’s important to instil good eating habits and a great relationship with food earlier in life rather than later. This is because what a child eats usually influences their dietary habits in the years to come. With our specially designed Nutri Kid programme, you can ensure your child gets all the minerals, vitamins and fibre they need to enjoy a fun and active life.

It isn’t only parents who play a key role in making the right choices for children -caretakers, teachers, and nurseries share that responsibility. Working with nurseries across the UAE, we deliver daily, freshly made, kid-friendly meals that are nut free and packed with goodness. We even make special meals for children with specific intolerances or allergies. 

Proper nutrition is vital to overall well-being. What children eat will influence their mood, behaviour, attention span, as well as physical growth, so let’s work together to develop nutritious eating habits today that will last a lifetime.