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Nutri Fresh

Nutri Fresh is our latest venture into the retail world. With food courts offering a variety of fast food outlets, it’s usually very difficult to stick to a nutritious eating regime. Don’t despair. Opening soon in food courts across the Emirates, you will be able to enjoy a nutritious and wholesome meal in convenient locations at Nutri Fresh. 


Nutri Mums

Take a load off.

With the Nutri Mums meal programme, new mothers and mothers-to-be can ensure they are consuming a balanced meal that contributes to their overall mental and physical wellbeing as well as the baby’s growth and development. What you eat and drink is the main source of nourishment so make every meal count. While you are pregnant, you will require additional essential nutrients to share with your growing baby.


Nutri Catering

Everyone has the right to have access to proper nutrition.

Nutri Catering is our industrial catering arm, that delivers nutritiously balanced food with the emphasis on wellbeing . We currently provide food to labour camps, serving over 800 meals per day.


Nutri Kids

Teaching our young ones good eating habits  right from the start.

It’s important to instil good eating habits and a great relationship with food earlier in life rather than later. This is because what a child eats usually influences their dietary habits in the years to come. With our specially designed Nutri Kid programme, you can ensure your child gets all the minerals, vitamins and fibre they need to enjoy a fun and active life.


Nutri Fit

Energy to get moving.

Our qualified nutritionists understand that the nutritional requirements of a person participating in physical exercise, whether it’s to lose weight or train for a marathon, vary tremendously.  In addition to supplying salads and sandwiches to gyms across the UAE, we are also able to create custom-made packages for individuals.